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The  Chocksamut  Marine Co ., Ltd. was started  in  1993  as
a  family  business selling seafood products. A clod storage plants  was built , in order  that all raw material and finished article  be process  at  the correct temperature .  Our range includes both  frozen and  dried seafood. Which are sold into the Thai domestic and export to  Japan , Taiwan ,  U.S.A  and
some of countries in  Europe. Certificated has been obtained  in the following areas HACCP, GMP, Halal and ISO 9001:2000.  We  are now  in the process of  being granted both  BRC and
IFS ,  meeting  the  European  laws go  berning our products. 
"   MAIKO  "   is our  widely  know  brand name  through  out
leading supermarket and retail outlets in Thailand , this is a dried low cholesterol  , natural calcium  fish  bone and dried fish mix ,  "  offering a fish bone so crispy that it melts in your mouth. "  Our high levels of processing standards have allowed Chocksamut Marine Products to continue giving the customer satisfaction. 

" Products Safely. Quality care to our customer 
               Commitment to service and development. Keeping with internatoinal law "